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Balance and vacation

by: Joonas Kilappa
  •   Our culture •  19.9.2019   •  2 minute read

I love my job. But more than that I love vacation. Vacation to me means balance. Balance to the normal day-to-day grind. No work emails or messages, no shop-talk, no visiting the office. I’ve tried to live with the mantra of balance for a while now and I think it’s something that I learned from my father. I don’t live so that I could work more. I work so that I can live and do more other things that interest me.

Often when talking with friends about their workload it seems that they are barely making it through. Not enough sleep. Deadlines upon deadlines. Days that always slip to overtime. Of course sometimes things can’t be helped and we all go through tough periods for sure. But they should just be that — periods. Not the actual “normal” situation. That’s when you should probably consider some sort of change.

Really ask yourself: what do you enjoy doing? Reading? Running? Just lounging and binging on good shows? Whatever it is, great! All the time spent on doing something you enjoy is not time wasted. It doesn’t have to be productive. Your job is productive. And of course helping out at home should be productive, but you should always have that thing that you enjoy doing. It brings that balance that I’ve been going on about. You time vs. they time. When you get to do the things you enjoy, you will probably be a lot happier to do things that you NEED to do. Be it for work, your family or other responsibilities. Balance.

I feel really grateful about the situation I’m in at the moment. Our work culture in Make Helsinki enables flexible work hours. The most important thing is that work gets done on time but not necessarily on the regular 8 to 16. Years and years ago vacation seemed like something that I lived for. I counted the days to be rid of the grind so I can just sleep and maybe recover. Now I can balance the workload so that I can actually enjoy my days! Monday is just another good day on a string of good days.

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  1. Jonten iskä says:

    Hienoa,että jonkunlainen esikuva olen ollut,,,ja,että arvostat sitä. Kiitos. Faija

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