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Development   •  30.3.2020   •  2 minute read

Key-Value-Pair Utility

Utilitarian Life, Chapter 2 This is the second part in Utilitarian Life; a series of articles where programmers from Make Helsinki discuss tools and utilities we have written and reuse often. The first part was about a Unity Specific utility called VectorUtilities. If you are a Unity programmer I definitely recommend checking it out. Here we will talk about the KeyValuePairUtility...

Development   •  15.11.2016   •  2 minute read

Code monkeys – we want you!

Code monkey! Looking for new challenges? Look no further! Make Helsinki is looking for talented people to join our team to develop products to our customers in mobile and web. At the moment we are especially looking for experts in (iOS || Android || ((React || AngularJS) && Node.js)). Unity and hybrid apps are bubling under. We offer variety in..

Customers   •  28.9.2016   •  3 minute read

Interviewing Paw Map user Alisa

We recently interviewed a happy Paw Map user in the US. Alisa Cowan lives in Scarborough, Maine with her two dogs. Copper is 14 years old and a rescue dog. Alisa thinks he most probably is a Finnish Spitz mix. Xena is a Great Dane and almost two years old now.   What do your dogs like to do?  Copper’s..

Pharmaceuticals   •  28.4.2016   •  10 minute read

The Pharma Digitalization: the new Pharma Reality, beyond the Pill

THE PHARMA TRANSFORMATION Pharma business is undergoing a major transformation on multiple concurrent areas affecting the whole product lifecycle from the medicine development to the patient care. The era of conventional blockbuster medicines is ending and the big pharma focus is shifting towards high value but lower volume products such as biomedicines. At the same time, the increasing price pressure..

Our culture   •  14.4.2016   •  2 minute read

Interviewing Make Helsinki’s trainee Le

In this blog post we’ll get to know Le – a 3D Environment artist trainee at Make Helsinki and passionate about cooking and anything related to games. The internship at Make Helsinki runs from September 2015 to April 2016. How did you end up at Make Helsinki? I was looking to join an international company for my internship and fortunately..

Social media   •  6.4.2016   •  2 minute read

Successful Facebook marketing

What makes some brands successful with their Facebook marketing? What are they doing differently compared to other brands? I am sure there are many of us who would love to know the answer to that. It’s especially important to brands, agencies, and marketers who are using Facebook to grow their business. A quick search on the internet confirms that there..

Creative design   •  28.3.2016   •  3 minute read

Handmade or digital?

I have thought about fonts a lot lately. Not the most exciting thing, I know. But bear with me. As a designer I’m constantly working with fonts and see them regularly everywhere even without trying. We are being constantly exposed to advertising daily and an essential part of those are the fonts. Legibility is crucial if you want to get..