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Technology   •  8.5.2020   •  3 minute read

The new kid in the domain of client-side UI frameworks

We Full Stack developers usually work with JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React or Vue when creating single-page applications or SPAs in short. Single-page application is a web application where a single page is fetched from the server and then the rest of the views are rendered on the client side and not on the server-side like with more traditional..

Creative design   •  28.3.2016   •  3 minute read

Handmade or digital?

I have thought about fonts a lot lately. Not the most exciting thing, I know. But bear with me. As a designer I’m constantly working with fonts and see them regularly everywhere even without trying. We are being constantly exposed to advertising daily and an essential part of those are the fonts. Legibility is crucial if you want to get..

Our culture   •  28.1.2016   •  3 minute read

Interviewing Make Helsinki’s creative director Joonas

In this blog post we interview Joonas, Make Helsinki’s creative director and extremely talented dancer. Joonas and his crew “Will Funk For Food”, have taken part in many dance competitions including Talent Finland and Got to dance Finland (Pakko tanssia). At work, when there is need for visual work of any kind, Joonas is the one to contact. How did..

Our culture   •  12.1.2016   •  4 minute read

Interviewing Make Helsinki’s software developer Ali

In this blog post we’ll get to know Ali – a software developer at Make Helsinki and a heavy Netflix user. Ali works with front end and backend development and also with different mobile development projects. How did your career start at Make Helsinki? I joined Make Helsinki in 2012 when I was finishing my internship and started looking at..

Technology   •  3.12.2015   •  3 minute read

The new Apple TV and the unbearable lightness of discovery

The new, fourth generation Apple TV has been available for over two months for developers, and now some weeks for the general public. During this time, we at Make Helsinki have been testing this new digital media player and prototyping some apps for it. And there is potential, but also hurdles to overcome. The Apple TV itself is slightly taller..

Customers   •  28.10.2015   •  5 minute read

The future of pet healthcare is digital – Interviewing Morrr

New digital services, artificial intelligence and wearable devices are changing the way we take care of our pets. Morrr, a long-term and close customer of Make Helsinki, is a new marketplace that helps pet owners to get accurate and quick information about pet healthcare and pet-related activities when they need it. We interviewed Maria Estlander – Head of Marketing and..

Creative design   •  12.10.2015   •  4 minute read

3D printing

Many industries are using 3D printing technology for testing purposes and some even use it to create real products for their customers. During the last couple of years 3D printing has taken huge leaps, technology wise, and is now a viable solution for rapid prototyping. At least here in Finland there has been quite a big hype around 3D printing..