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Our culture   •  19.9.2019   •  2 minute read

Balance and vacation

I love my job. But more than that I love vacation. Vacation to me means balance. Balance to the normal day-to-day grind. No work emails or messages, no shop-talk, no visiting the office. I’ve tried to live with the mantra of balance for a while now and I think it’s something that I learned from my father. I don’t live..

Make Helsinki   •  28.6.2019   •  1 minute read

The blog is back

Perhaps you have noticed that it’s been a while since our last blog post. Anyway, now we think it is a good time to continue with our blog articles, since our website is updated with new content in both Finnish and English. What are your first thoughts about the websites? Is there some content missing or something that is unclear?..

Make Helsinki   •  18.12.2017   •  3 minute read

Hours After Hours

While we work in the industry where many of us are lucky enough to love our jobs, sometimes even better things happen when the clock runs out and it’s play time. Here at Make Helsinki we’ve never had problems keeping ourselves entertained.   We often play Rocket League At the office there is a playstation hooked up to a projector..

Our culture   •  14.4.2016   •  2 minute read

Interviewing Make Helsinki’s trainee Le

In this blog post we’ll get to know Le – a 3D Environment artist trainee at Make Helsinki and passionate about cooking and anything related to games. The internship at Make Helsinki runs from September 2015 to April 2016. How did you end up at Make Helsinki? I was looking to join an international company for my internship and fortunately..

Our culture   •  28.1.2016   •  3 minute read

Interviewing Make Helsinki’s creative director Joonas

In this blog post we interview Joonas, Make Helsinki’s creative director and extremely talented dancer. Joonas and his crew “Will Funk For Food”, have taken part in many dance competitions including Talent Finland and Got to dance Finland (Pakko tanssia). At work, when there is need for visual work of any kind, Joonas is the one to contact. How did..

Our culture   •  12.1.2016   •  4 minute read

Interviewing Make Helsinki’s software developer Ali

In this blog post we’ll get to know Ali – a software developer at Make Helsinki and a heavy Netflix user. Ali works with front end and backend development and also with different mobile development projects. How did your career start at Make Helsinki? I joined Make Helsinki in 2012 when I was finishing my internship and started looking at..