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Make Helsinki   •  16.3.2020   •  2 minuutin lukuaika

Make Helsinki ja koronaviruksen vaikutus toimintaamme

Tilanne koronaviruksen ympärillä kehittyy vauhdikkaasti joka päivä. Avaan tässä hieman Make Helsingin toimintaa tähän liittyen, sekä sen vaikutuksista työskentelytapoihimme. Olemme seuranneet tilannetta tarkkaan jo pidemmän aikaa ja ottaneet käyttöön tarvittavia varotoimenpiteitä. Tuorein ohjeistuksemme henkilökunnalle sisältää mm. seuraavia asioita:  1. Kehoitamme etätyöskentelyyn aina kun se vain on mahdollista 2. Tapaamiset pyritään pitämään etäpalavereina 3. Henkilöstö ilmoittaa heti, jos heille tulee taudin..

Palvelumuotoilu   •  15.6.2018   •  6 minuutin lukuaika

Our beloved UI tools

UI without the UX? How dare you? When talking about user interface design it’s natural that the discussion also goes to user experience design. And it’s understandable. You can’t have the one without the other if you wan’t to build a good product or a service. But I’d like to separate those two for just a while. I know I..

Mobiilisovellukset   •  28.3.2018   •  4 minuutin lukuaika

Distributing applications, the past and present

For small developers, getting your creations to the hands of users around the world was for long expensive, hard or just impossible. In the last ten years, application distribution models have evolved hugely. But let me start by looking back more than 20 years. Back then It was a great white winter day, sometime around 1997, when I had finally..

Mobiilisovellukset   •  18.3.2018   •  2 minuutin lukuaika

The One Thing I Hate About Kotlin

== true I love Kotlin. It’s an amazing language. I wrote it a love letter once. But… There is one thing about it that sucks. Null is not true. Null is not false. For example, this fails to compile if (nullableBoolean) { doStuff() } If you want to get that to work you need to compare it to true. if..

Asiakkaat   •  28.2.2018   •  2 minuutin lukuaika

Guest blog by Teija from Orion Pharma

What would be better than having a job that lets you work with joyful dogs, fluffy kittens, and majestic horses? I work as an Online Sales & Marketing Specialist at Orion Pharma’s Animal Health department. This job combines many of my burning passions, such as Facebook and Google Ads, Amazon sales and marketing, website development, creative writing, and most of..

Teknologia   •  8.2.2018   •  3 minuutin lukuaika

The 57, one awesome browser

Good old days Mozilla used to make an amazing browser. Fast. Rendering websites much more reliably than Internet Explorer which was the most used browser at the time. There were countless extensions that made made Firefox even cooler. Everything was customizable with plugins. From the navigation panel to the dropdown and context menus. Then came Google Chrome. It was the..

Teknologia   •  28.1.2018   •  5 minuutin lukuaika

Game Development – now and then

I’ve been programming since early 1990s. Fairly early on, I also started building different kinds of games: small quick action blasts, adventure games, car games, space shooters, brain quizzes, and so on. Truth to be told, many of them only reached proof-of-concept or prototype level, but there are e.g. several mobile games available in app stores that I’ve created. And..