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Mobiilisovellukset   •  28.3.2018   •  4 minuutin lukuaika

Distributing applications, the past and present

For small developers, getting your creations to the hands of users around the world was for long expensive, hard or just impossible. In the last ten years, application distribution models have evolved hugely. But let me start by looking back more than 20 years. Back then It was a great white winter day, sometime around 1997, when I had finally..

Mobiilisovellukset   •  18.3.2018   •  2 minuutin lukuaika

The One Thing I Hate About Kotlin

== true I love Kotlin. It’s an amazing language. I wrote it a love letter once. But… There is one thing about it that sucks. Null is not true. Null is not false. For example, this fails to compile if (nullableBoolean) { doStuff() } If you want to get that to work you need to compare it to true. if..