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Hours After Hours

by: Davor Skontra
  •   Make Helsinki •  28.12.2017   •  3 minuutin lukuaika

While we work in the industry where many of us are lucky enough to love our jobs, sometimes even better things happen when the clock runs out and it’s play time. Here at Make Helsinki we’ve never had problems keeping ourselves entertained.


We often play Rocket League

At the office there is a playstation hooked up to a projector and an audio system. We use the game console almost exclusively for Rocket League. The projection surface is large, so four players can be pitted against each other in split screen mode and still see everything clearly.

Pick your team and take off. Get that ball to the opposing goal at any cost. If you pass by our office and hear some excited yelling, cursing and / or celebrating, Rocket League is probably why. Football with cars. With rockets attached. Games don’t get much better than that.


We play card games

While there are few others, when playing card games we will usually be playing either Cards Against Humanity or Exploding Kittens.

The first, Cards Against Humanity, is a really funny one where you make awkward and hilarious jokes (usually both) by putting cards together according to the rules. There are black cards that have questions or sentences that need to be filled out and white ones that have the answers. Here is an example:

Exploding Kittens is also awesome, but in a different way. It’s an exciting game of luck and strategy. Strategy here being mostly tripping other people up so you can win.


We improvise new games

Sometimes, the best games are the ones you make up yourself.

See who can get furthest around the office with a single kick from a kickbike? Sure, why not? Game of golf but using ping-pong rackets and balls? Great!

One of the recent ones we played was with off-brand wooden bricks in the style of Jenga. We initially tried to play the normal game of pulling the pieces out of a tower and putting them on top, but the proportions on the bricks were such that no level of the structure was exactly the same. It made the game wonky and boring.


Eventually we gave up on that and decided to come up with our own rules, completely different than the original ones. The new game was started by placing three to four bricks on the table, with the rule that they had to touch at least one other brick. After that, you were no longer allowed to touch the table with new bricks, but had to pile them on top of the already placed ones. The first one to cause any of the bricks already in the tower to fall, loses. This resulted in some good laughs and crazy structures.

I can’t wait to play again.


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