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Guest blog by Teija from Orion Pharma

by: Teija DeVere
  •   Customers •  28.2.2018   •  2 minute read

What would be better than having a job that lets you work with joyful dogs, fluffy kittens, and majestic horses? I work as an Online Sales & Marketing Specialist at Orion Pharma’s Animal Health department. This job combines many of my burning passions, such as Facebook and Google Ads, Amazon sales and marketing, website development, creative writing, and most of all; well-being of our four-legged friends.

A big portion of my day is spent analyzing, measuring and otherwise using different digital tools. Considering the amount of different platforms, apps, website tools, and my limited developer / coding skills (there aren’t any), Make Helsinki is my number one place to turn to when I’m in need of advice, assistance, or education.

The Make Team is without fail friendly, fast, and extremely effective. They have been able to help me with anything and everything I have requested help for. Sometimes I need assistance after hours. Every now and then, later in the evening, I realize that one of our online sales campaigns is down, or I have messed up one of my on-going digital projects (I’ll admit, it happens). During these moments of horror, I have been able to reach out to Make Helsinki and they have quickly helped me to put out any fires about to happen.

For a creative mind, whose fingers often act before their brain does, the most important thing when asking for help from an agency specialized in work that I have limited knowledge of, is to be able to ask whatever questions I may have without feeling embarrassed about it. Just as important is, that the answers I hear are so easy to understand that the next time, I will be able to fix the same occurring problem on my own. Every time I call Make Helsinki with a question, I hang up the phone a bit more educated than I was earlier in the day.

Thousand times thank you for Make Helsinki’s excellent customer service, exceptional knowledge in digital tools and apps, as well as their always welcoming team of experts.

Teija DeVere

Online Sales & Marketing Specialist

Orion Pharma

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