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Interviewing Make Helsinki’s creative director Joonas

by: Therese Elg
  •   Our culture •  28.1.2016   •  3 minute read

In this blog post we interview Joonas, Make Helsinki’s creative director and extremely talented dancer. Joonas and his crew “Will Funk For Food”, have taken part in many dance competitions including Talent Finland and Got to dance Finland (Pakko tanssia). At work, when there is need for visual work of any kind, Joonas is the one to contact.

How did you end up at Make Helsinki and what are you working with?

I have been working at Make Helsinki since the day it was created. Before co-founding the previous company Dyyni, I worked as a junior art director in an advertising agency, which gave me a lot of experience from the advertising and marketing field.

At Make Helsinki I am working with different customer brands and helping with other ongoing projects. I am, for example, creating a brand guide for Turun Sinappia, and also developing our own brand. I am planning to arrange a small workshop for all of the employees in the near future, in order to get everyone onboard with brand development and to brainstorm new ideas.

What do you like to work with the most?

When a customer gives us a clear brief of what they need it is very interesting to start creating something concrete from scratch based on that brief. So first you just have to read, listen and understand what the customer needs and then somehow try to come up with different ideas on how to present the ideas visually.

I like video editing and creating motion graphics and I am very happy that I am able to do these things in my work. There is also room for discussion and I’m able to influence what I work with, which is nice.

I’ve recently found an interest in photography and photo manipulation and I’m now actively developing my skills in these areas. It really inspires me when I have the opportunity to work with something that I have just learned, for example something to do with photography, video editing, or motion graphics.

What do you do in your free time?

I’ve been dancing for almost eight years now with our locking dance group of eight people, called Will funk for food. We’ve been competing, making showcases, making videos, enjoying the dance and the Finnish dance community. We took part in Talent Finland competition in 2009 and after that we were in the Got to dance Finland show couple of years ago. Now in 2015 we were participating in Voitolla Yöhön show in MTV3 and taught celebrities to dance locking.

I also have pet rabbits at home and a new exciting hobby. Lately, I’ve been building a radio control hobby car, because I just got really excited about the latest Mad Max Fury Road movie. I am now re-creating one of the cars.

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