Interviewing Web Developer Bang - Make Helsinki

Interviewing Web Developer Bang

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  •   Our culture •  21.7.2015   •  2 minute read

Bang works as a web developer at Make Helsinki and is always surprised about the open and relaxed working culture at Make. Also the coldness of the Finnish winter came as a little surprise.

How did you end up working at Make Helsinki?

I am a media engineer, graduated from Häme University of Applied Sciences and currently studying in Metropolia UAS. I have worked at Make Helsinki as a web developer for about 7 months now. Before I started to work as a fulltime developer, I worked as a freelancer and built mobile and web applications.

What is your normal day like at work?

I work at our customer Morrr’s office and do backend and front end development. We have internal meetings almost every day and if I have any questions regarding my work, we’ll discuss about them together. I really like working here. There is no distance between the boss and the employee in Finland, which is one difference between Finland and Vietnam where I’ve come from.

I am always very excited to go to work when I know that there are still some incomplete features, which need to be completed. The best thing in this job is to see that the features, which I have made, are being used and the customer is happy about them.

What is it like to work here?

All the employees here are friendly and open. When I met Finnish people at the first time, I got the feeling that they all are very shy and not so talkative. When I came to Make’s office, I was surprised that everyone started the conversation immediately. Everybody were very welcoming.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I go to the gym, watch movies and hang out with my friends on my free time. It’s funny that when I came to Finland the first thing that I wanted to see and experience was the snow. But when winter came I realized that it’s very cold here. Now I understand why people rather stay inside in the winter than go outside. In Vietnam, we always go out on our free time.

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