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Viiniopas is your personal sommelier on your phone.


Wines are dividing opinions. Everyone has their own specific taste and it can be challenging to find new wines that are similar to the ones you like – or pair them with food. Traditionally, there has been wine books, that help to find new wines and pair them with food, but often you don’t have them with you when you are doing the purchase. Also, as new wines and vintages are introduced constantly, the books are out-of-date already when they are freshly printed. Cross-checking wine description from a book can also take some time, depending on the indexing of the book.


We wanted to create an app that allows wine enthusiasts to find new interesting wines, read more about wines that they’ve purchased, and easily remember their favorites. They key to this project was content, and we teamed up with one of the best known wine experts in Finland, Pekka Suorsa. Mr. Suorsa had been publishing his Viiniopas-book many years already and was an established wine expert. With his content, we started planning for a first ever Finnish language professional wine application.

Project description

The application was developed initially for iPhone and iPad, and was a huge success. Afterwards, Viiniopas was built for Android, Meego and Windows Phone too.

The key features included:
– A bar code reader, to instantly get information about wines
– Label and bottle pictures of each wine
– Different ways to browse to the wines available in Finland
– Saving your favorites

Initially, the iOS application was a paid, premium app, but soon the business model was changed to a free app with wine specific advertisements. This way, the app was available for more users, and as the ads were specifically related to wines, they were not too intrusive either. The application content is still updated weekly, and slowly we’re building new features to it.


The application was received excellently and has had over 150 000 downloads in Finland. It has been featured on websites, radio and newspapers (inc. Helsingin Sanomat) and has been a featured app by Apple, Google and Microsoft. Application generates steady revenue from advertisement and is used by thousands of active users every week.