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What we do

We use digital strategy, design and technology to create products and services that meet our client’s needs to grow their business.

Web services. Mobile apps. Creative design. Digital marketing. Virtual reality, and more…


We have many years of experience in software development. Our two key competences are web development and mobile development. We have also worked with various supporting areas, like virtual reality, augmented reality, and mobile games.

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Service design is, hence the name, the activity of creating and improving services using the methods of design thinking. Core elements being interaction, user needs and experience and understanding the big picture. High-class service design result serves always both the service user’s needs and the customer’s targets.

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With creative design, it’s usually the designer who is in the most crucial role. It’s almost like in competitive sports – one must have a good amount of skills and a whole lot of passion. We utilise those traits to great effect with very varied projects and industry specific challenges.

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Make Helsinki was founded in 2015. It's a one stop shop for technology related and creative design needs and 100% owned by its employees. We are growing profitably and working towards having a positive impact on the world.


1,4 M€ turnover
20 professionals
50+ customers
8 languages
41,25 average shoe size
7 pets