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In the past years, we’ve built countless of web services and web sites. We’ve worked on simple landing pages, introduction websites for startups as well as big scale web services, with various integrations. Whatever your web needs are, you can always contact us and ask for an offer. Or if you do not know what you should do, we’ll help with that too. After living and breathing the web for years, we know what works and what doesn’t. Let us help you to build your beautiful and modern web sites and services.

Web development tools, technologies and frameworks are adapting very quickly. New libraries become available on a daily basis and the mostly used tools today might be forgotten in a year or two. That’s why we are closely following the web development trends and constantly improving our team’s competence in different areas. Our team of experts are helping clients to grow their business and to be successful, including OrionUnilever, Specsavers, Sulapac, and Ekahau, to mention a few.

Usually, web development starts from the service design point of view, defining how the final product will work, look and feel. Our experts will then work on the backend (=usually the business logic and data storage) and frontend (=usually what the end user sees), to create a beautiful and well working experience. We have a quality assurance team who make sure everything works smoothly before we release the service to a production environment. We can help with all these aspects, even as a turnkey solution.

On the backend side we nowadays mostly work with Node.js, though we’ve been involved with numerous other technologies (Java, PHP, .NET & Python to name a few).

Data is stored on relational databases (MySQL, Postgresql, etc) or nosql databases (MongoDB). We usually host our services on Heroku and Amazon, but we also have experience with Google’s cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Frontend development always starts from creative design and service design. Our developers eat and breathe html5, css3 and javascript, and follow the evolving and growing list of frontend frameworks. Currently the most popular frontend frameworks we use are React and AngularJS. They allow a seamless and fast integration to backend services.

We also build simpler, “normal” websites and web shops. Lately we have utilised WordPress more often, which comes with user friendly content management system for non-technical users. Recent projects include sites for Orion Aptus products, Ekahau, Mobey Forum, and Sulapac. We usually co-operate with a Finnish WordPress-PaaS (Platform as a Service)-provider, Pilvia, for reliable and up-to-date WordPress-hosting.

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