XR Games Night - Make Helsinki

XR Games Night

by: Mauritz Untamala
  •   Extended Reality •  12.3.2020   •  2 minute read

A few of us from Make Helsinki participated in the AWE Nite Helsinki: XR Games Night last week. I must say the event was quite a bit more than we expected, in a positive way. The event was organized by AWE – Augmented World Expo. https://awexr.com

One theme seemed to be that demos did failed, but it was fine. The showcases were still awesome and the panel discussion consisting of XR company representatives was really good and insightful. We quite like the showcase of this game, Blast World Zombies Royale. It has quite an impressive locomotion implementation which I really want to test out. https://www.hipfirevr.com/blastworld/

An awesome app that is available in stores was Grib3D which allows you to build 3d models in AR. They had a crazy mission of creating AI driven game logic development by teaching the engine by recording actions and reactions in AR space. https://grib3d.com/

Another great game which was maybe the most complete experience was A Giant Problem by Critical Charm. Main idea being that you as a giant defend your town from King’s troops who want everything your village has. You defend by smashing, bashing and mashing your enemies with your mighty fists 🙂 Seemed addictive. The game had other elements to it too but did not have a chance to get an in depth experience. Definitely waiting for the release. https://www.criticalcharm.com/

The icing on the cake was a company named Immersal which concentrates on creating core functionality for AR experiences and available via SDK. It had features like the ability to map real-life environment with any mobile device having a camera. Another feature was to augment the real world and ability to share the augmented real world with other users. Use cases are mostly for industry but there was also a playful game developed for it by flyAR. https://immersal.com/

Interesting people and good paced evening without any dull moment, except us arriving there too early 🙂

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